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Critical Illness Insurance
- Protecting your health and wealth -

Do you know of anyone who has suffered from a life threatening illness? How did the illness affect them physically, mentally and financially?

Critical illnesses are indiscriminate and can occur at any age, young or old. With advancements in medicine and technology, survival is highly probable, but the high cost of treatments and medication can lead to financial ruin.

Critical illness insurance can mitigate the financial burden by paying a lump sum tax free cash benefit on diagnosis and survival from a covered critical illness. The coverage bridges the gap between health plans and the realities of life. Spend time with your loved ones while recovering at home and away from work.

Up to 25 covered conditions including Cancer, Stroke and Heart Attack, with Return of Premium Benefits available on death or surrender.

Critical illness insurance coverage keeps your investments intact while you recover. The cash benefit helps you recover from a health disaster while preventing a financial disaster.

Participating Whole Life Insurance
- The Ultimate Solution for Protection and Savings -

Whole Life insurance provides low cost guaranteed permanent protection while building up cash values. Benefit from lifetime coverage while paying level premiums for life or pay for a specific number of years.

Participate in the success of the insurance company with periodic dividend payments that can be sheltered within the policy. Quality protection for you and your loved ones, with the advantages of tax savings, creditor protection, and access to cash in case of emergencies.

Mortgage Insurance
- Personalized mortgage insurance to protect your specific needs -

Get the right financial coverage to take care of your mortgage, so your home never becomes a burden. Protect your mortgage balance and mortgage payments with life insurance, disability and critical illness insurance bundled in one convenient product.

Benefit from continued insurance and guaranteed premiums whenever you change the terms of your mortgage. Empowers you with the choice of selecting your beneficiaries, and the freedom to choose how to use your insurance proceeds.

Guaranteed Investment (Segregated) Funds
- Insured investing to help you sleep at night! -

Variable interest investment products are a professionally managed pool of diversified investments with Guaranteed Values of up to 100% of deposits on maturity and death. Funds are Creditor Protected and have the ability to avoid probate with a named family beneficiary.

Guaranteed Income for Life

Guaranteed Income for Life plans (also known as Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit plans) will guarantee a minimum income for life with the opportunity for your account to continue to participate in positive market performance. Your capital grows with an annual 5% bonus, paid in the initial years in which no withdrawals are made.

In addition, your account is protected from market fluctuations with automatic resets every 3 years, allowing your funds to grow as the market appreciates.

The account converts to a personal pension plan by paying a predictable and sustainable income during your retirement income phase.

Ask me about the new Pension Builder program by Manulife.

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

Invest wisely in your child's education. Diploma Registered Education Savings Plans qualify for the Canada Education Savings Grant and pays an Education Bonus. RESP Diploma monthly investment plan allows you to invest in a diversified balanced fund. The lifetime cumulative deposit limit is $50,000 per beneficiary.

Take advantage of the Canada Education Savings Grant corresponding to 20% of the first $2500 annual RESP contribution. Maximum cumulative lifetime grant of $7200. A maturity bonus of up to 15% of the total RESP deposits is paid upon the completion of the monthly contribution commitment.

Educational Assistance Payments can be paid to the beneficiary after enrollment in an eligible post secondary program. Guaranteed minimum values on death and maturity backed by the strength of Industrial Alliance Group.