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Why is a Financial Plan important?

Planning will allow you to specify your financial objectives and identify key strategies to target your financial success. A plan is essential in guiding you through the planning process and will allow you to achieve critical goals.

The Financial Planners Standards Council of Canada indicates that “71% of people engaged in comprehensive financial planning feel closer to achieving their life goals”.

Research shows that comprehensive financial planning is working…

  • 66% of those with a plan feel they can take a vacation every year versus 31% with no planning.
  • 74% of those with a plan believe they can acquire their own home versus 48% with no planning.
  • 72% of those with a plan spend more time with their family and friends versus 51% with no planning.
  • 65% of those with a plan are able to undertake activities they enjoy versus 33% with no planning.
  • 53% of those with a plan feel they will have enough money to pay for their children’s post-secondary education versus 19% with no planning.

  • * Statistics from FPSC’s Value of Financial Planning study 2010