"...when I changed employers I asked John to provide me with financial advice on my pension, and since then he has been guiding my investments. John is a professional: pro-active, organized, prepared communicative, flexible, patient and very knowledgable. I've learned a lot from him, as he takes the time to carefully explain and educate in a friendly manner. I am very happy with the results of my investments!"

- Lynne M., Vancouver BC

"I have known John for over 3 years and he has always been an individual of excellent character. His deep concern for the well being of his clients is evident in everything he does, and his continued involvement in community organizations and events is a testament to his true character."

- Jarrod M., Vancouver BC

"Integrity and honesty...John Ong embodies both of these qualities...more importantly, they define him. That is the reason John is my financial advisor, I trust him implicitly. John always puts his clients first so you know he will go to bat for you regardless of the situation. I have known John for the better part of 12 years...he has been my advisor for the last 5 of those years."

- J.F., Surrey, BC

"John Ong has been my primary source of financial advice for many years. He is the financial planner to whom I recommend my family, friends and business associates. After a comprehensive review, John enabled me to put my complete personal finances in order, through the placement of term and universal life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance and RESPs. His thorough knowledge of the market, his willingness to research and to advocate, his patient advice and his calm demeanour, all make him a pleasure to work with. Thank you John!"

- Tim H., Vancouver BC

I've known John for many years having worked with him in the financial industry. That relationship showed me how trustworthy and competent John is as a financial advisor. John has seen me thru many financial stepping stones, including providing life insurance (and investment advice) for my family, and the purchase of a home. In a world where everyone seems to be just trying to make a buck off you, John has always showed exemplary ethics and will give you the straight goods! I do not hesitate to recommend him.

- E.L., Burnaby BC